Delivery Today F.A.Q.

What areas does Delivery Today provide delivery service and courier service to?

Delivery Today can and will deliver to any place in California. We will and can deliver anything you need. We work for wineries, printing companies, lawyers/attorneys. We are located in Sonoma County but extend throughout the whole state. We can and have delivered to Oregon, Colorado, Nevada, and Washington also.

How far ahead of time must I schedule a delivery?

You can make a pick up appointment at any time. You can order within the minute, hour, or have a planned order a day or two in advance. Our service will meet whatever is necessary to get the job done. We are here to serve YOU!

What are Delivery Today hours?

We are open and staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. There isn't a moment that we aren't ready to work for you.

How long will it take for Delivery Today to deliver my package?

It all depends on the mileage and weight/size of your package(s). We can complete a delivery within the half hour, if you are local, but we always make sure that the delivery is on time no matter how far or heavy your product is.

If I choose Delivery Today as my courier service, what type of service can I expect?

You will get the service you were looking for. The most competitive price, great communication on how long it will take for delivery, on-time delivery and your product will be where it needs to be. Delivery Today is your best option for any type or quantity of deliveries.

Are Delivery Today services guaranteed?

Yes. Delivery Today will give you the right price, clear communication on drop offs, affable treatment, accurate billing, excellent service and respectful, professional drivers

How much does Delivery Today charge for courier delivery services?

Delivery Today has a price list for immediate deliveries, same day deliveries, rush deliveries, and direct deliveries. Depending on the pick-up of the product and what city (mileage) it takes the price can vary. We intend on getting your product where it needs to go for the right price.

Does Delivery Today provide a delivery pickup service?

Yes, we generally always come pick up the product at your location.

What makes Delivery Today a better business delivery solution then other delivery or courier services in the Sonoma County area or in California?

Delivery Today is an established courier company that prides itself on quality service, on time delivery, and exceptional pricing that attempts to beat any of our competitors. Our service guarantees complete communication. From the pick-up of YOUR product until delivery completion you will know that your product got where it needed it to go in a quick and efficient way.

How do I schedule a pick-up or delivery of my package?

It is best to order by contacting us over the phone (see contact list). Although you can email an order.

How can I be sure my package will arrive on-time?

Delivery Today's service is well thought plan, from the pick up to drop odd assuring communication at all times. We know and understand the roads, that is our job and once we know size and mileage of delivery we know how long a delivery will take. That is Delivery Todays Guarantee!

Does Delivery Today only provide courier services for small companies or can they handle large projects?

We can do both. We delivery boxes and filings of small numbers and sizes while also having the capability to deliver pallets and cages at a high quantity.